Kicking Off A Brand New Coaching Program!


Each year I try something new. This year it's my new Career Success Foundation course!

My objective for 2016 was to find new ways to make my coaching accessible and affordable to more people. So I'm launching my first online coaching course - Career Success Foundation - which is a hybrid of small group mastermind calls, private sessions, and online videos and resources. You can see an overview here or email me at and I'll personally give you a "test drive" of the program.

There are only a couple of spaces left and the course starts with a Jumpstart Call is on January 26th, so you better hurry if you want to join this unique, value-packed program.

I plan to raise the bar this year in my course, webinar and newsletters on the strategies and tools I provide to all of you on my favorite topics, including:

  • Having a crystal-clear vision of success and an outcome-based action plan to get you there
  • Knowing how to define, describe and demonstrate your value to win the projects, promotions, and clients you want
  • Earning more money doing purpose-driven work that you find professionally and personally meaningful

One of the tools I provided on my recent Success Made Simple webinar was a worksheet to help you pick your big objective for 2016 and start planning the quarterly actions to get you started. You can download it here. Happy planning!

If there's something you'd like me to cover in upcoming newsletters or webinars, please let me know!