hear what libby's clients have to say

“Libby’s message of action and accountability was strong, impassioned and clear. Her interactive presentation struck a deep chord and really helped set the tone for our event.”
— Microsoft
“Libby was spot on for our organization. Libby had done her research and talked to us about us. WOW! Worth your time and money... uplifting, motivating and helpful!”



“We’ve seen a lot of great speakers here at Disney, but Libby’s presentation was one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long time. After a very challenging year, our group was ready to get back to work, totally re-energized by her empowering We were totally re-energized by her empowering message.”
— Disney
“Libby energized, motivated, and gave everyone information they could apply immediately to supercharge their careers. She knew how to interact with the audience, presenting both research and anecdotes to keep everyone engaged.  Libby was generous with her time and made herself available to anyone who wanted to follow up with her after the presentation.” 
— Gap
“Libby helped make our annual convention the most profitable in our 125 year history!”